CHB Premium 6

6% humic acids + 5% carboxylic acid

Product Info:
pH – 3.6 – 4.1 lbs/gal – 8.70
Source – Raw Leonardite & monocarboxylic acid

Our unique, pure source of leonardite and processing capabilities, allows the production of a low pH “soluble” liquid humic acid product. It is formulated to be blended with ALL liquid fertilizers, including calcium and acid fertilizers.

Application Uses:
1 – 20 gallons/acre with liquid fertilizers. Can be mixed very easily with most types of fertilizers, including calcium and acidic fertilizers.

Mixing Directions:
An advantage of CHB – Premium 6 is that it can be mixed with any fertilizer under limited agitation. CHB – Premium 6 is still a true humic acid, it is formulated to stay “suspended” at low pH. After it is mixed with acid fertilizers, it should be agitated each day in order to have equal amounts of product being applied.

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