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Unlocking the Secrets of Healthy Soil

Hi, my name is Michael Martin Meléndrez

and I’m the founder and owner of two green companies in New Mexico committed to improving the quality of life for everyone concerned.  While completing my undergraduate degree in human wellness, my core belief was established that without good food that is nutrient-rich, you cannot have good health, and without healthy soil you cannot grow good food.  It’s acknowledged by the community of soil science that our soils of agriculture are in decline and the concentration of nutrients in our food has seen a significant drop in recent decades. For this reason, in 1983 I made a change in my career path from the Wellness company I owned called Corpra-Fit-Systems, to growing trees and fixing soil, developing SOIL SECRETS LLC and Trees That Please Nursery LLC.   While collecting seed from our Native plants of the Southwest for our plant propagation nursery, I also studied how plants in the wild had a relationship with microbes and with the chemistry of the soil geology, called the Bio-Geo-Chemical Process!  After 40 years, the results of my research and collaborating with scientists who are much smarter than me, we developed a way to mimic Nature’s process of growing healthy soil. Therefore, our motto “Unlocking the Secrets of Healthy Soil!”

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About Soil Secrets LLC

Soil Secrets LLC formulates and manufactures technical biologic materials used in agriculture, mine reclamation, erosion control and home & garden. The products are used to instigate the biological process of better plant nutrition, buffering of toxic soil chemistry and priming the process of soil carbon sequestering resulting in the building of top soil. This paper describes the three main products used in our protocol, that start or improve the Bio-Geo-Chemical process of plant nutrient uptake and soil formation.

Our Mission

Soil Secrets is a green and sustainable New Mexico business that follows the ethics and business code of the Triple Bottom Line, People – Planet – Profit. Soil Secrets is devoted to using the best molecular science and biomimicry for repairing or jump starting a healthy soil.

Here's Some Science

Cutting-edge Science to Perfect Organic and Regenerative Agriculture and Soil Health

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