Soil Secrets is growing by leaps and  bounds across North America and is being used on golf courses in Canada, farms in Mexico, all the Bueno Food Inc chili producers here in New Mexico, mine reclamation, private landscapes and many organic certified farms including the famous McClendon Select organic farm in Arizona, perhaps the best organic farmer on the continent!   Contracts are being negotiated for using our material science on the bio-remediation of oil saturated desert soils of Kuwait and on landscapes and farms across the middle east.  The products we manufacture all meet the definition of organic and contribute to the concept of green and sustainable, with proof from molecular research that we can make a  huge difference in water conservation in landscaping.  Here's some images of ball fields in Marana Arizona treated with our sole source TerraPro (Earth Magic) and Protein Crumblies and EndoMaxima mycorrhizal inoculant.  The last image shows a field that's  yellow because it was not treated.   Also, the New Mexico Abandoned Mine Land Program of the New Mexico - Mining and Minerals Division specification are written around our products and we are specified in NMDOT projects.

In Field Trial, Myco TerraPro1 In Field Trial, Myco TerraPro2 Outfield no treatment regular protocol