Who Is Soil Secrets?


Soil Secrets LLC develops products that instigate the natural biochemical process required for healthy soils and proper plant nutrition.


All Soil Secrets products meet the benchmark of the USDA National Organic Program, and with Certifier approval, can be used on Organic Certified farms. The products are also safe for use on home gardens and lawns, without the fear of damaging the environment or exposing our bodies to hazardous chemicals. Our products are used in the construction and maintenance of landscapes, golf courses, mine reclamation, highway re-vegetation and farming. Benefits of Soil Secrets products include:

• Improved water drought tolerance of crops, sports  fields, etc.
• Improvement of water storage in soils.
• Greener more environmentally sound landscapes.
• Remediates toxic mine tailings, Total Petroleum  Hydrocarbons in soil, and jump starts healthy mutualistic soil biology for plants.

In addition, Soil Secrets science in Humic Acids is the best in the world, using a “Commercial Proprietary Information Contract” at the National Labs. Soil Secrets owns the only molecular science on the species description of soil carbon molecules generically called humic acids.      READ MORE - Download Brochure