What is TerraPro®?

What Does TerraPro® Do?

  • Improves the uptake of nutrients (CEC)
  • Improves soil structure and root development
  • Increases soil microbe activity
  • Increases crop yields
  • Retains fertilizers, thereby reducing runoff
  • Promotes healthier crops, by increasing nutrient uptake
  • Improves drought tolerance, by retaining water in the soil
  • Improve soil fertility
  • Remediates soils damaged by: Crude OilsSalts and Mine Tailings

TerraPro is the commercial formulation of our retail Home & Garden product called Earth Magic®. Commercially it’s formulated with unique characteristics applicable to agriculture and the equipment available to spread it and for commercial contractor use where hydroseeding slurry application might be the best option. It’s a formulation of Humic Acids containing all three of the most important soil carbon biologic fractions called Humic, Humin and Fulvic acids, which are the active ingredients.  TerraPro can be provided in a powder, or granular form including an Ag Grade TerraPro® for agriculture. TerraPro® is used in many countries by farmers and contractors on engineered projects such as erosion control, highway revegetation and mine reclamation.  It’s also used aggressively to remediate sodium and salts from farm soils and for breaking down Petroleum Hydrocarbons from soil where crude oil has been spilled.  The active ingredient of the Humic Acids has also been discovered to have the ability to buffer toxic soil chemistry such as pH that is too high or too low for plant growth.

It's the only product globally that has molecular evidence of its active ingredients being composed of these substances.   According to research published in 2001, Journal of Chemical Education, there is nothing more important to the structure and health of a soil than the Humic Acids.  A quote taken from that paper says:  "Humic Acids (HA's)  are essential for a healthy and productive soil."   Nothing else that you can buy on the retail shelf contains a significant amount of Humic Acids, or research evidence of Humic Acids on a molecular level proving that the active ingredient has the molecular potential to function properly providing the benefits we need.

We can say this with confidence because we hired the National Labs of Los Alamos and Sandia to help us perform our research on Soil Amendment products including our own formulations, where we looked for, purified and measured the Humic Acids found in soil and in products.  This research analysis was performed down to a molecular sub atomic level where we have fully described the molecules, the molecular functions, and the molecular characteristics of all three Humic acid fractions. Something that has never been done by any person or university in the past!  With this information, I can promise you that there is nothing better that you can add (amend) into your soil, that can improve the health of your soil, improve the structure of your soil and contribute to an improved biological environment for all the beneficial microbes, than the products of Earth Magic or TerraPro.

The contract with the labs is exclusive to Soil Secrets providing us with Proprietary Commercial Information.