Welcome to Soil Secrets

Welcome to Soil Secrets.  The products of Soil Secrets meet the benchmark of organic under the USDA's National Organic Program, and are safe for your family and your pets.  Offering all-natural fertilizers & soil builders,  good for your lawn, trees and vegetable garden, they will also improve the biological health of your soil.
If your in an arid part of the country where irrigation is essential to growing anything, the Humic Acids and the beneficial plant Probiotics available from Soil Secrets can make your landscape dramatically more tolerant of drought, helping you conserve water while not compromising the green and health of your landscape.  We hang our hat on the science of nature where the amazing Humic Acids molecules are essential for building your soil, putting you on the journey to better soil health.
Enjoy a thick, green carpet of lawn around your home without chemical residues, using Soil Secrets all-natural lawn and garden care products