TTP Supreme Compost®

TTP Supreme Compost®:  100% wholesome ingredients.  If made with quality ingredients and tight quality controls, compost can be an excellent source of organic nutrients. Never use a compost product without first examining the analysis of the product to see if it meets your needs. TTPSupreme Compost is a nutrient dense product that’s been triple screened, providing a clean and fine particle size product, that’s also clean enough to be used in hydroseeding equipment. City bio-solids (human waste) are not allowed in this product, which helps us guarantee you that disease contamination is minimized. This product has been tested by Western Labs for soil disease and has consistently tested clean and free of those risks. This product is nutrient dense and needs to be used sparingly, as a little goes a long way! A full assay of tests showing maturity, stability, Humic Acids, organic matter, nitrogen, major and minor nutrients, and carbon to nitrogen ratio is available upon request by emailing us as .  Analysis     MSDS     Label