Success with Earth Ambrosia® and Earth Nectar®

Well, I've been meaning to write to you for some time now to let you know of the phenomenal success that I have had in using your products, Earth Ambrosia and Earth Nectar.  I have found it to be indispensable when rooting cuttings in an aerocloner, typically producing 100% success rates.  When rooting cuttings hydroponically, some plants take longer to root and need warmer water temps in the range of 75F to 80F to get the roots going.  The problem is that harmful bacteria and fungus can thrive under those conditions and sure enough, I was seeing failure rates sometimes as high as 90% due to stem rot.  That's where the little cutting begins to rot from inside the stem and eventually turns the stem to mush, killing the cutting.  By adding Earth Ambrosia and Earth Nectar to the cloners reservoir, stem rot is a thing of the past, no matter how long they take to root!  It creates an overabundant population of beneficial bacteria and fungi that wipe out any harmful intruders that try to get in.  Now, I can easily raise temps as high as needed, for as long as needed, without fear of inducing a bacterial and fungal nightmare.  My cuttings never suffer from stem rot and I enjoy, typically, 100% success rates.  I would highly recommend these products to anyone rooting cuttings hydroponically, I'm sure it will ensure their success as it has for me.

Thanks again for a great product combo!
Dean Angelos
Chicago, IL