Earth Ambrosia®

Earth Ambrosia® is a liquid Humic Acid colloidal organic nutrient solution.  Organic colloids are decomposed organic substances broken down to their smallest particle size. Organic colloids will coat soil particles, provide a Cation Exchange Capacity and help prevent the nutrients of fertilizers from leaching. Humic Acids and Organic Colloidal substances will also prevent the nutrients from compost and green manures from leaching. Liquids of Humic and Organic Colloidal substances move into the soil faster than a dry material, which is why we provide humus in this form. It is designed to be used as a spot treatment when faster results are needed, but for optimum amounts of Humic Acids the dry humus products of Earth Magic and TerraPro can contribute more technical material per dollar spent and therefore are the products of choice for larger areas.

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