Commercial Grade TerraPro®

Commercial Grade TerraPro®, also known as Earth Magic  is a unique concentrated humus product that contains a broad spectrum of beneficial mycorrhizae fungi and soil enzymes along with a high percentage of Humic Acids. The formulation of Humic Acids in this product is guaranteed to have unique biological and chemical characteristics that will provide exceptional benefits to any soil.

The objective of this product is to fortify the soil with the best humic acid product possible at the highest concentration possible; because they are powerful biologics that can jump start the life of your soil. In addition, a full blend of both Endo (VAM) and Ecto type mycorrhizal spores are included in Commercial Grade TerraPro at a spore count of 50,000 spores per 1000 sq. ft. if used at label rate.

The science is clear that most plants and most landscapes including desert plants need a significant level of humic acids in the soil as it’s this substance that defines a top soil. Top soil is a horizon of soil that is rich in Humic Substances and according to research “Humic Acids are essential for a healthy and productive soil” – Journal of Chemical Education, December 2001, Soils Sustain Life! A current analysis by a certified lab can be provided that can verify the percentage of Humic Acids as well as all other related data. Research has proven that mycorrhizal products can make any landscape dramatically more drought tolerant and the plants healthier, as it’s the mycorrhizae that do most of the hard work of finding water and minerals in the soil. Many research abstracts can also be provided to support these benefits. Mycorrhizae help your landscape plants endure the stresses of the environment such as heat, drought, dehydration, and poor soils and they are also critical and essential for the long term soil building process to occur.

Almost without exception both Humus and Mycorrhizae are either missing or are weak in most manmade landscapes including farms. Together they are excellent partners in helping to restore soil productivity.

Material Safety Data Sheet and Label:

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