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Nature’s best source of nutritional calories for feeding the soil.

Protein Crumblies®

Protein Crumblies® is nature’s best source of nutritional calories for feeding the soil. Derived from selected vegetable proteins, Soil Secrets has selected this product for the best ratios of amino acids that can provide the highest protein efficiency value possible.  (more…)
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Earth Nectar®

Earth Nectar®: A super drink for the soil!   There’s no question about it, microbes rule. They run all the major chemical cycles on earth by making enzymes that serve as catalysts to many of the important chemical reactions in the soil.  (more…)
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TTP Supreme Compost®

TTP Supreme Compost®:  100% wholesome ingredients.  If made with quality ingredients and tight quality controls, compost can be an excellent source of organic nutrients. (more…)
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An Organic Compost Broth Concentrate. Unlike a Compost Tea, the objective of this product is to have a high concentration of ‘Organic Source Nutrients’ that can be injected with typical drip irrigation equipment, or sprayed onto foliage using orchard sprayers. (more…)
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