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Increase plant root mass by up to ten times, local water and nutrients.


EndoMaxima®: A  Mycorrhizal concentrate  designed for agriculture, landscape construction, sports-field construction, mine reclamation or erosion control projects. (more…)
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MycoMaxima Professional®

MycoMaxima Professional®:  Designed for professionals, this product is easy for contractors to apply during the construction of a landscape.  (more…)
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Saline and Sodic Soil: Using Mycorrhizal Fungus & Supramolecular Humic Acid

Saline and Sodic Soil:  Using Mycorrhizal Fungus & Supramolecular Humic AcidDownload a PDF From the desk of Michael Martin Meléndrez – Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC: Much attention and concern has been recently paid to the increasing problem of salinity in soils, particularly soils found in arid and semiarid lands that are being irrigated.…
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