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What is TerraPro®?

What Does TerraPro® Do? Improves the uptake of nutrients (CEC) Improves soil structure and root development Increases soil microbe activity Increases crop yields Retains fertilizers, thereby reducing runoff Promotes healthier crops, by increasing nutrient uptake Improves drought tolerance, by retaining water in the soil Improve soil fertility Remediates soils damaged by: Crude Oils, Salts and Mine Tailings TerraPro is the…
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Commercial Grade TerraPro®

Commercial Grade TerraPro®, also known as Earth Magic  is a unique concentrated humus product that contains a broad spectrum of beneficial mycorrhizae fungi and soil enzymes along with a high percentage of Humic Acids. (more…)
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Saline and Sodic Soil: Using Mycorrhizal Fungus & Supramolecular Humic Acid

Saline and Sodic Soil:  Using Mycorrhizal Fungus & Supramolecular Humic AcidDownload a PDF From the desk of Michael Martin Meléndrez – Managing Member of Soil Secrets LLC: Much attention and concern has been recently paid to the increasing problem of salinity in soils, particularly soils found in arid and semiarid lands that are being irrigated.…
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