EndoMaxima®: A  Mycorrhizal concentrate  designed for agriculture, landscape construction, sports-field construction, mine reclamation or erosion control projects. EndoMaxima is a concentrate of spores representing a generalist Glomus species that is global and which will always work with plants that can associate with an Endo (VAM) type mycorrhizae. Guaranteed to contain at minimum 1,450,000 viable spores of Glomus intradices per pound! Every attempt is made to screen EndoMaxima of all root tissues, dead fungal tissues, soil, and other impurities, all of which can contribute to loss of spore viability. It is not recommended that this product be dispersed via a drip irrigation system, as the spores are large and could plug up the system. Best method of use is to apply directly onto the seed before sowing.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Label    (MSDS in Spanish)

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